Friday, January 11, 2013

Homegrown Sounds, Beta Monkey, and the Seeker!

I'm back with a new tune I put together to try out a few new things, plus a setting on a favorite pedal.

The impetus for this tune came when I purchased "Vintage Synths for Sampletank" from Homegrown Sounds (  This is a large collection of samples created from the Akai SG01 Vintage Sound Module, and I really like the diversity of sounds available.  Every sound that is neither guitar or drums came from this collection, including the bass.

A few days later, I found a really good deal on Magix Music Maker 12.  Yes, it's old but I've been using Magix Music Maker 2005 for years now.  So it feels new to me!  This is the first song I've put together with this program.  It works very well with Sampletank.

The drums come courtesy of Drum Werks XIII.  It was really easy to cut up the loops, and I love the feel of the fills (try saying that three time fast).

All my guitar line were played through Line 6 FM-4 on the "Seeker" setting.  Why?  I was watching the "Who: Texas '75" DVD and during their performance of "Tommy", I'm sure I heard a Seeker Wah being used by Pete Townsend.

Finally, I learned that Picasa 3 has the ability to quickly put together video from photographs.  Since I was putting so many other new acquisitions to the test, why not one more?  Rock on! 

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