Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Your Monkey Or Your Wife (Electric Mistress)

My previous post got me thinking about my old Electric Mistress pedal.  When I say "old", I'm serious - I probably bought it in the early 1980s.  Yes, I was buying pedals from the womb!  Back then, I only bought Electro-Harmonix pedals.  Too bad my Big Muff and Doctor Q gave up the ghost many years ago.

Happily, the Mistress still works.  I have to twist around the adapter, twiddle knobs, and say a prayer to the Guitar Gods (maybe two or three) before the effect finally kicks in, but the whoosh is still there.

That's the Mistress pictured above, in all its shiny aluminum exterior glory.  I took that photo a few days ago.  About a week earlier, I used the pedal in a song I wrote for Beta Monkey Music's Hard Rock Funk III Songwriting Challenge.  Much to my surprise, the song ended up tied for third.  Sometimes, the Guitar Gods smile down upon the less fortunate six stringers.

Here's the song, "Your Monkey Or Your Wife" (the link takes you to Beta Monkey's SoundCloud account)".  I used the Mistress for most of the guitar bits, changing settings each time out.  The "Color" control seems to really dish out the swoosh.  The Mistress can be noisy, but it's a lot of swirly fun.

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