Thursday, February 16, 2012

Having fun with the BOSS DF-2 and FZ-2!

In an earlier post, I said I would create another Danny Kelly slideshow once I got an appropriate song.  Well, I think this is it.  I still have to put together the slideshow, but thanks to SoundCloud, I can post the song now.

I wanted to have a Link Wray feel to the song, so a feedback intro was in order.  And so I pulled out my BOSS Super Feedbacker and Distortion pedal (DF-2).   After I recorded various noises,  I tried it out on the main guitar parts.  Something was lacking.  So I added my BOSS Enhancer (EH-2) to the mix.  Now it was a bit brighter, but the sound still wasn't where I wanted it to be.

Here's where the versatility of some BOSS pedals came into play.  I generally keep a BOSS Hyper Fuzz (FZ-2) at the front of my pedal board.  Now, I had already ruled out both of the FZ-2's fuzz settings for this tune, but the pedal had one more card to play.  If you have the pedal, you know the third setting is Gain.   The pedal also boasts separate Bass and Treble controls.  So I turned the Bass almost off and cranked the Treble until the DF-2 was singing!  And that's what I used to record all the guitar parts.

For the power chord rhythm parts, I added a Danelectro Tuna Melt.  There weren't any pedals used on the bass parts, which is why they're laying back in the mix.

Once again, the drums were produced by BFD Eco.

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