Saturday, February 4, 2012

Go All The Wray!

I just want to pay tribute to one of my favorite guitar players. While I had read about Link Wray over the years, I had no idea what he was all about until I stumbled upon a copy of "Rumble!  The Best of Link Wray".  I bought it on impulse and never regretted the decision.

If you like guitar instrumentals, if you like distorted guitar, if you like ROCK AND ROLL, you'll love Link.  He laid down some of the most primal and invigorating guitar tones imaginable.  My personal Link favorites are "Jack The Ripper" and "Raw-Hide".

I won't go into detail about Link, because that information is available elsewhere on the Web (and I'll provide a link, pun intended, below).  I just want to give two reasons why he's become a huge influence on me.

One, the raw passion and energy present in Link's songs is infectious.  Every time I listen to Link, I wanna grab my guitar and rock out.

Two, in the early '60s, Link set up his own three-track recording studio.  This is where he and the band recorded for the next decade, often leasing out the the sides under various names.  How can you not appreciate this D.I.Y. ethic?  I would love to emulate this one day.

Want to learn more about Link?  Here's the official site:
And here's a site packed with information:

Want to own a great Link CD? "Rumble! The Best of Link Wray" contains 20 classic chunks of Wray magic, including "Jack The Ripper", "Raw-Hide", and Link's greatest hit, "Rumble".

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