Thursday, August 23, 2012


 Cheese please!  This is the Danelectro Grilled Cheese pedal, and I bought it off eBay some years ago.  In fact, I bought TWO!   To this day, I have no idea how I wound up bidding on two auctions for the same pedal. The only upside is that I think the combined cost was under ten dollars.  I probably paid more in shipping.

This pedal is basically a one trick pony.  It provides a nasal fuzz tone, which you control with the Resonance control (that's the knob on the right).  I find that cranking the knob fully clockwise produces a somewhat mellow distortion.  Going the opposite direction gives you the nasty.  The other control is Level, so it's a pretty basic pedal.  If you want a Dano fuzz packed with features, order up some French Toast.

Listen for yourself on this little tune I recorded.  I'm using the Cheese (cranked fully counter clockwise) on my Stratocaster (fourth position) and I used no other effects on the guitar except for a bit of post-mix reverb.  There's no compression, no EQ, or anything - this is the Cheese in all its obnoxious glory.   I think I put the Resonance control in the center for the solo.  The amp provided no coloration either as I went through Pod Farm's basic Fender amp model.

The rhythm guitar went through the same guitar set up, minus the Cheese and with the Pod Farm Phase model.  The Danelectro bass went through my Alesis Smashup compressor.  Oh, the strings and choir sounds came courtesy of a VST instrument plugin called Mellowsound (available at this link) - yeah, I wish someone sold a pedal that made your guitar sound like a budget Mellotron. I would be all over that!

If the Soundcloud widget doesn't appear, please click on this link: Cheezy!

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