Saturday, June 16, 2012

Filter Fever! (Two videos)

What a cool sound!  Listening to this made me want to go out and buy a BOSS AW-3.  Luckily for my credit card, it was late, and the shops were closed.  So I had time to ponder - don't I have any pedals that can give me a similar sound?

I do have a Line 6 FM-4.   And it has a "Voice Box" setting.  So I plugged in and tested it out.  Close enough (especially if I play around with the controls and bring in other pedals).

The following video is something I put together to show the default setting of the FM-4's "Voice Box".  I used a Danelectro Surf & Turf compressor to beef up the sound going into the FM-4.  This is something I do whenever I use any kind of filter-based pedal, especially if I'm using my Strat.  There are no other effects on the guitar, and I plugged into a POD's Small Tweed setting.  Here it is:


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