Monday, April 23, 2012

Ten Pedals Reviewed!

A big shout out to PREMIER Guitar for helping fuel Gear Acquisition Syndrome with this article. Click on the link below to read short but sweet reviews of the following pedals: Boss FRV-1 Fender Reverb, Guyatone Mcm5 Micro Chorus, Granville Procrastinator, Way Huge Angry Troll, Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive, Whirlwind Gold Box, Granville Spiney Norman, Aguilar Octamizer, Guyatone Svm5 Slow Volume, Seppuku Octave Drone.

I came across this article while looking for reviews of the Guyatone Slow Volume pedal. My local music store had a used one for sale. After reading the review, I don't know if I want to add it to my arsenal for the asking price ($99).

Click here to read the article

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