Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who is Danny Kelly?

I needed a good reason to get my blog up and running.  What better reason than to help promote an artist who deserves some recognition?  I met Danny Kelly on Facebook.  He studied at the Joe Kubert school and has a very dynamic and passionate style.  I decided it would be fun to create a slideshow with some of his art.  It would be even more fun if I composed a song to go with the video.   

I was stuck for inspiration until I spotted this drawing Danny posted on Facebook:
Yes, that's Led Zeppelin caught under the red light!  That inspired "Lead Footed".  I used BFDeco for the drum pattern - too bad the program doesn't include some Bonham style drum patterns!  I used my Strat for the guitar, my Danelectro bass for the ... well, bass, and those other sounds?

I dug down deep, deep, deep into a closet and pulled out an Electro-Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer.  I don't remember the last time I used it, and I really didn't think it would work.   They built things to last back in the early '80s!

By the way, Danny's collection contains a lot of action shots too.  His action shots are raw and visceral, and I decided they wouldn't fit in with the overall feel of the music and the other images.  Rest assured, I will do a second slideshow when I come up with a suitable song.  Where are my fuzz pedals?    

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